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Traktor Quick Traktor Quick Traktor Quick
Traktor Quick Traktor Quick Traktor Quick


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Main Features:
- Gearbox made of plate material
- Available in two color options
- Suitable to be used on deep field for its lightweight construction
- Equiped with light and easy-to-use steering system


Brand/Model QUICK / KIJANG
Speed 1 Speed Forward
Transmission System Gear - Chain Combination
Gear Case Plate Multi Part System
Main Clutch
V-Belt (2 pcs) & Tension
Steering Clutch Dog Clutch
Lubricant Volume (litres) 5.5
Tractor Dimention with Cage Wheel/ Tire Length (mm) 2490 / 2490
Width (mm) 1070 / 810
Height (mm) 1380 / 1220
Weight without engine (kg) 177 / 131*)
Weight with engine (kg) according to engine used
Working Capacity (with RD 85 DI-2S and single plough)
Wet Field ± 11.96 Hrs/ha
Dry Field ± 10.93 Hrs/ha

*Specification can be change at any time without prior notice

Model RD 85 DI-2S RD 85 DI-1S
Type 4 Stroke 1 Cylinder Horizontal
Avg. Power (HP/RPM) 7.5 / 2200
Max. Power (HP/RPM) 8.5 / 2200
Balancer Double Axial Balancer -
Fuel Good Quality Diesel Fuel
Starting System Manual
Combustion System Direct Injection
Cooling System Radiator
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.5
Lubricant Volume 2.4
Weight (Kg) 89 86
Headlamp Control 12 - 32 / 32 (IC Regulator)

Standard Equipments (included):

Additional Equipment (sold separately):

CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa, Yogyakarta - Indonesia